Character. Determination. Nerve to make things happen for the good.

Working For You

Tammy and her back office team specialize in finding the right opportunity for you. After 20 years as a business analyst for a Fortune 300 company, Tammy utilizes her skills to research properties, evaluate the investment requirements, and present opportunities where everyone involved benefits.

Why Moxie?

Bertha, with two daughters at her side, took a variety of jobs to provide for her family. In 1924, as a cook for a threshing crew serving meals off the back of a wagon, she demonstrated character and determination. She had the moxie to go from a comfortable life in Pennsylvania to the rugged parts of Montana. As Bertha's great granddaughter, Tammy will work with just as much moxie as Bertha. 

Our Specialities

  • Wholesale Properties - let us find your next investment property
  • Lease to Own - your opportunity to get out of an apartment and into a home even if you have a damaged credit.
  • Pre-Forclosure Options - save your credit rating before it is too late, there are better options than foreclosing.

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